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Dear Friend,

After an exhausting day two, day three was more relaxed and mom and I had less on our agenda. We started off with an interesting breakfast (more to come in my food de Paris letter), and then we found the Holocaust Memorial Museum (sorry, more to come soon).

After a heavy morning, we decided to try the bus system. First of all, it isn’t too difficult to understand and it is affordable and warm! We rode up towards Sacre Coure Cathedral. Once in the general area, we walked around a bit. Word to those traveling with children - this area is filled with naughty stores and the giant Moulin Rouge venue/ windmill. I don’t feel like spoiling a nice letter with immodesty, so I hope you catch my drift. You can certainly avoid these street by heading straight to the Cathedral (read the map before you arrive and plan accordingly). 

Mom and I were looking for the traditional Dutch Windmill, and after a hike up a hill, we found not one, but two Dutch Windmills! Mom was thrilled and it was pretty neat to see them outside at round of putt-putt golf. A shift to the east was the village of Montemartre. Here there are many artists with their version of the Parisian scenery and restaurants. Further up was Sacre Coure. The view was spectacular, and I could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

We headed down the back of the mountain, which was both dangerous and painful on mom and I’s bad knees. However, we made it safely and dined at an organic shop. We found a bus back to our hotel and pondered how we would spend our last evening. Mom had told me of these traditional French delicacies, Macarons, that melt in your mouth. Of course, we decided we needed to have them immediately. We put on our warm layers and headed out to find the best looking ones. We found them and brought them back to the hotel room. They were gone in less than ten minutes. We cut them with a coffee stirrer so we could try each flavor and then marveled over them. Of course, the foodie in me knew that this could not be our dinner for the day, so we went back out to find a French cuisine place. 

After a great meal, which even mom relished over, we tried to find a boat tour of Paris. It was about 7:30pm, and many of the regular places were closed. We did not want to give up because this had been on our to-do list, and it was a clear night. Finally, after walking a decent distance, we found the tour at Pont-Nuef. It was an hour tour and it was very informative. It was also nice to see the city lit up.

It was hard to believe the trip was over and the next day would be spent traveling back to the train station and to London. I was excited to be back in an English speaking country and in a bed of my own with no noisy neighbors, but once again I learned a lot of history, from another point of view while in Paris.

All the best,

Danielle Athena 

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Paris, France

Dear Friend,

I apologize for the lack of letters the past few days. I was venturing through Paris, France with my mom for three full days and a day of traveling. I will write a few letters about Paris because I saw so much of the city in so little time, and I am oozing with information. First, let me give you an overview of how I managed to see a lot of the city. Then I’ll write about some of my first day excursions, another letter about day two, day three, one about the food, and finally one about the Shoah.

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